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Would you like to use the advantages of the Internet?

It is now much easier to earn money from Link abbreviation services and grow up in YOUTUBE. You can be a growing channel in YOUTUBE. If you want, you can make money using by internet.

About BasicGain

The features that the site offers to you...

We set our goals

Nowadays, we have observed that people's conditions of earning money are bad and they can make a great effort to get a minimum income and we have worked for months to get a solution to this problem and we have followed a path with our own algorithms. Together with a bright idea and we created this site. We have created a system where people can get income / additional income that they can get without any hassle.


The biggest feature of our website is that you do not receive the money you earn from us, this does not create any security problems between us. As all your data is encrypted, we cannot access any of your private data.)

Website functioning

The main structure of our site is simplified as much as anyone can understand. The working logic of the site is on scores. It's enough to enter the shared links and youtube videos to earn scores. You can earn money by sharing your own links with the scores you earn or you can grow up your youtube channel by sharing your video. By downloading the program we have developed to collect scores, you can earn scores without tiring the computer and you can increase your income to a high degree.


Insant Data

Your transactions are saved and stored instantly and that data present graphically to you.

Simple Interface

We have designed an understandable and easy interface for our users.

Personal Information

It is your only desired information e-mail, which is a procedure for activation and for increasing the security of your account to the upper level.


Fast Data Flow

Our codes are specially tested and prepared in the most efficient way.

What Is Our Difference?

The features we offer to all our users are equal.

Plenty Of Event

You can increase the score you earn during the day with our events and you can share more links and videos.

"Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference."
Barack Obama

Step 1 - How to sign up ?

You can easily sign up by clicking the sign up button at the top of the website.

Sign up and share your links now !

You can share your link and youtube videos instantly with your scores.

Automatic ban system

Thanks to the ban system we create for each link and user, clicks on your link can directly generate financial income.

User Friendly Interface

Thanks to the simplicity of the interface, a website that can be used by users of all ages. It have been added videos and detailed explanation to understand easier the using of website.


Step 2 - Install Windows software

Go to the Windows software guide page

(Click here for software guide and download operation)
You can learn the information about the software from the guide.

Automatic processing

Even when you're not at your computer, continue to earn score from the score bot which works in background.

Basic Interface

Easy to use thanks to the simple interface of the software


Step 3 - Earn Score

İşleyiş hakkında kısabilgiler...

Earn Scores by Links

You must select “Earn From Links“ from “Earn Scores“. The section titled "Advantage links" include links which give more score than other links. Also, "Popular Links" in the top right corner of the page were created as a reward for the top scores of the week. The links of these people are sharing here. "Standard Links" is a table where all links of users are collected. The sort by of this table is formerly new, so that links will be clicked fair.

Earn Scores by Youtube Videos

You must select “Earn From Videos“ from “Earn Scores“. Thanks to the system we have prepared for you, just leave the page open. The videos will automatically pass and the scores you earn will be credited to your account.

Getting Points Is Now Easier

You don't need to do anything by using the score bot that we have prepared for you.

(Click here for software guide and download operation)


Would you like to glance our video?

Here is a short video about the content.

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Sign in, Earn Scores

Our Expectations As BasicGain

After you become a member, you can download our software(score bot) specially prepared for you and earn points on financial income and social media. This special software developed for you will not disturb you in any way and will work in the background. With this system you can earn points even if you leave your computer on. you can join in Employees of the Week by and you can have additional benefits.